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Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I can not place the order, I'm stuck, how do?
- The website is secure link with the browser (mozilla, chrome, internet explorer). If you can go to the next page here several solutions. Completely close your browser and reopen it to return to the site. We advise you to open your browser in incognito mode.

I am unable to sign in with my my password I do not know how?
- You have the option to reapply for new online password using the "Forgot Password" which will be shipped by email.Contactez us via the contact form by specifying in your message and n ' forgetting to tell us your address email.Nous allow you to log in by giving you a temporary solution.

I lost my password and I received a new one, but can not connect?
- The password is case sensitive and lowercase. Check whether the shift key on your keyboard is not vérouillée.Si it still does not contact us via the contact form and tell us your email address.

What does the "Customer Benefits Program"?
- In your customer quality you automatically receive special offers, loyalty points Invitations to private sales, discount codes entitling discounts. These programs are either automatic or require manual action on your part.